Cash management in times of crisis : the best practices

Cash management is a critical issue for companies, especially in times of crisis. As France continues its reopening, the country expects to see an increase in the number of bankruptcies. COVID-19 is therefore likely to have far-reaching economic and financial repercussions. Small businesses are more likely to be affected due to their weaker financial robustness. […]

AI futurist

Digital transformation improves efficiency of finance departments

A recent report from The Hackett Group states that finance organizations can reduce costs by more than 40%. To do so, they can fully embrace digital transformation. Therefore, this will accelerate their progress towards greater efficiency levels. Additional resources that can be used in more value-added activities The Hackett Group’s “Digital World Class” analysis is […]

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Power BI: the key companion for the CFO ?

Finance departments have become accustomed to using Excel to generate their reports, in addition to the information systems in place. Excel’s modeling capabilities allow finance departments to present insightful analysis. However, the limits of Excel are well-known: Data size limits Underdeveloped collaborative functions Few interactions with information systems Power BI, the successor of Excel? In […]