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Export : how to set up a factory in Vietnam ?

Establishing a factory in Vietnam appears to be a relevant choice for companies wishing to relocate their supply chain. Our previous article details the reasons why companies make such a choice.This article will focus more on the points of vigilance to keep in mind when a company wishes to set up a factory in Vietnam. […]

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Relocating your supply chain to Vietnam

Relocating your supply chain to Vietnam may be a sound strategic decision. Indeed, the coronavirus crisis has highlighted the heavy dependence on China for supplies. From then on, manufacturers became aware of the need to reduce this dependence. Vietnam then appears as a destination of choice for transferring industrial production there. This article first details […]

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Exports to Vietnam: Promising Prospects with EVFTA

In order to promote relationships between the European Union and Vietnam, a free trade agreement (Europe-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, or EVFTA) was signed on June 30, 2019. Thus, attractive prospects are opening up for European companies wishing to export to Vietnam. This agreement includes the reduction of customs fees on entry into Vietnam for products […]